Is it just me or was there something off about Sasuke this chapter?

Like, look at his face here:

There’s way too much emotion showing on his face in this panel. It almost seems out of character, really — like he’s desperate to stop fighting once and for all.

And then we have this:


Thoughts on 690


What if Hagoromo is the true final villain?

And Madara is still there. I don’t know, it’s just it doesn’t feel right. It feels like, it’s the calm before the storm thinggy.

I mean, just look at Sasuke’s face at last page. 


Something’s not right and I hope I’m just being a paranoid parrot. 

Sakura: Sasuke-kun!
Sasuke: Here, Sakura-sensei.


Okay. At first glance, I like everyone else considered this as a regular panel of team 7.
There’s the regular interaction between Sakura and Naruto (which some have said is a NaruSaku moment), and then there’s Sasuke looking sad/tired/SO DONE.
But then I realized, he’s possibly looking…


So at first I kinda wondered why Sasuke would answer Sakura when she called out to him


but then i realized how freaking scared sakura must have been during this scene, and how desperate her voice sounded:


so when sakura calls to him in 690, he answers her to let her know that he’s okay and that she doesn’t have to worry. He doesn’t want to hear her that scared again.

I mean, this face says says it all:


if sakura was the last person to see sasuke in the village, then she better be the first one he sees when he returns. like, right before they’re about to go in she turns to him to say ‘you know, this is the only road to lead you into the village’ and sasuke will just smirk her way and walk back home